Saad Ahmad

Businessman sues Uber app

     "Suspicious spouses would once jump in a taxi to follow their partners’ movements or hire a private investigator to do the dirty work. But in the modern day, unfaithful husbands and wives are just as likely to be found out by their Uber accounts.

     A businessman in France is suing the company for €45m after a bug in the car-hailing app meant all of his journeys showed up on his wife’s phone, ultimately leading to a presumably messy divorce. After the unnamed man borrowed his wife's iPhone to log into his Uber account, she continued to receive notifications detailing where and when he was being picked up, as well as his destination, according to the French newspaper Le Figaro. It led his wife to suspect infidelity.

     The man blamed this on a bug in the app that meant his wife’s phone continued to receive alerts from his account even after he had logged out.

     The bug has also been reported by several Twitter users, although probably with less devastating effects. It appears to affect older versions of iOS, the iPhone’s operating system.

     The man from the Cote d’Azur now claims that the bug cost him his marriage and is seeking damages from Uber. The company said it did not comment on individual cases, especially those that involved divorce proceedings.

     There are few reports of divorce cases citing Uber records, although the rise of GPS data gathering and apps such as Find My iPhone has led to tracking technology being increasingly used by jealous spouses."


Source: James Titcomb, www.independent.ie

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